How to Make Extra Money with Prolific Academic


(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Prolific Academic is a research company that offers surveys to participants.  It has been around since 2014.

Getting started with Prolific is easy.  You sign up and then answer some screening questions that will help them match you up with the right type of surveys.

Prolific Academic studies tend to be surveys from universities.  Some of the surveys are political and public opinion studies, while others are opinions about new products and scientific research.

Prolific will sometimes email you when new studies are available, but the best way to see if there are new studies available is to check your dashboard often.

Some of the studies are only a few minutes while others can last much longer.   Prolific will let you know how long a study is before you agree to accept it and you are paid more the longer the study is.

Prolific pays its participants in cash through PayPal.  It pays in pounds, but if you live in The United States it can be converted into dollars through PayPal.   According to their website, studies pay a minimum of $6.50 per hour.

I have personally used Prolific Academic myself and this is a legit site that does pay its participants.  I have found some of their surveys to be quite interesting.  You have to make a minimum of $5 before you can cash out, which isn’t too bad.  Once you cash out the company is quick to send the funds.  I have received payout the same day in some cases.   Prolific Academic is a good site to get a little bit of extra cash in your pockets.